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 Classes Manual

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PostSubject: Classes Manual   Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:21 pm

00 · TUTORIAL_02
「 stats · B A S I C S
Classes are determined by the stat allocations chosen during character creation rather than completely by choice. Every class specializes in different mechanics and techniques, utilizing a staple role in the party with individualized attacks and skills. Below are the descriptions of the base or traditional classes available in「 Project Aubade 」that can be selected for you upon arrival. Each class has the potential to evolve into a new one.

「 class · F I G H T E R
The fighter class wield melee-esque weapons, and what they lack in range, they make up for with their high damage outputs. They are best at attacking enemies head-on with good endurance and attack power, allowing them to take the brunt of the damage for their allies while dealing devastating blows. Often, they are the class most associated with 'heroes' and can equip a wide variety of armor and weaponry, which includes armor that may be too heavy for other classes to wear.
Starter weapon: Iron longknife

「 class · L A N C E R
Lancers, although similar to the fighter class with their bladed weapons, cover mid-range zones by utilizing polearms. They are quick on their feet, dealing multiple strikes within succession and able to safely balance close combat and long distances. However, they sacrifice their attack power for higher combos and their defense is slightly lower. The class is best for those who know how to keep track of when they should be in close quarters or away from the enemy.
Starter weapon: Iron spear

「 class · R A N G E R
A long-ranged fighter who uses careful positioning and stays in the back lines in order to snipe their enemies, slow them down, or outright annoy the opposing side by distracting them and keeping them on their guard. Though the class is rather immobile, they also can lay traps that inflict certain status ailments and have an advantage in wilderness settings where they are in their natural element.
Starter weapon: Wooden longbow

「 class · M A G E
With a wide variety of elemental spells at their disposal, mages are best known for their coverage and ability to dish out high amounts of damage far away from their enemies. However, at the cost of great power comes the necessary preparation to get the spells ready, and thus, they require their teammates to protect them to avoid being disrupted. Likewise, they are generally a glass-cannon class and do very poorly when initiated in melee battles.
Starter weapon: Beginners' spellbook

「 class · C L E R I C
Although the other classes focus on dealing damage and wiping out enemies, clerics focus on aiding their allies instead. Their spells centralize around healing their teammates and keeping their health high, and they have an assortment of buffs and debuffs to turn the tides of battle. Compounded with their proficiency at inflicting status ailments, many consider them essential to successful raids on the field as they work towards strengthening their party and a small pool of light spells for damage.
Starter Weapon: Healing cross

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Keeper of the Akashic Records

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PostSubject: Re: Classes Manual   Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:27 pm

「 class · U P G R A D E S
C O M I N G  S O O N . . .
Obtainable upon clearing the first level and entering second level.
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Classes Manual
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