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 Splook's Character Pages

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PostSubject: Splook's Character Pages   Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:53 pm

「 name · s p l o t c h
class · r o l e p l a y e r  」
character pages loading · status 100%

w e l c o m e


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PostSubject: Re: Splook's Character Pages   Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:56 pm

Born in a semi-rural town in North Dakota with his twin sister Mackenzie, he was raised with a normalcy that could almost be described as boring. As kids, they would often rush off into the forest to play games that only children would understand. Then, would come back home with mud coated shoes, tousled hair, and a grin that would split their faces. Days went on, and these excursions became few and far inbetween, to the point where they no longer went into the forest to play.

Despite it all, the two siblings were as close as ever--as well as rarely seen without each other at their sides. Many would joke that they were actual conjoined twins, stuck together at the hip. In fact, the only time they were apart was for classes in school. Even then--they shared some classes and would be sat next to each other.

Their attachment toward one another is characterized by their constant worry over the other, as well as growing teamwork. However, Shepard may be forced to learn how to deal with life when his sister is not in it. Be it from missions, other people, or even death--the future in this virtual world may force Shepard into independence.

Shepard is a good natured person and will often put himself in harm's way for the sake of others--especially his sister. This makes him quite fitting for his class as a Fighter. With high HP and Attack, he can take the damage and deal some too. Much like his class, Shepard will not last very long without the support of others by his side. Both in battle, and relationship wise.

Shepard has wild blond hair and sanguine blue eyes. Often, he looks toward his sister for fashion advice, claiming there is not a single artistic bone in his body. Similar to his sister, Shepard has a pair of whisker like markings on his face.

The Class that Shepard as assigned to was none other than Fighter. As stated previously in his personality portion, the class could not be anymore fitting for the blond. Currently, his stats are:
「 data · s t a t s 」

hp : 4
atk : 5
spd : 3
mgc : 0
def : 3
Level 3 Stats:


NAME: Shepard M. Herman

NICKNAMES: Shep, Whiskers

AGE: 15


HAIR: Blond

EYES: Blue

HEIGHT: 5'7''

WEIGHT: 130 lbs

BUILD: Adverage


SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

CLASS: Fighter

LIKES: Mackenzie, Nerdy things, Getting along with others

DISLIKES: Failing, Squash, Asshats

PARENTS: Keirsta and Leo

SIBLINGS: Mackenzie


NAME: Splotchy

AGE: 16



CONTACT:PM me & Discord #1960

TIME ZONE: Mountain Time

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Splook's Character Pages
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