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 Side Quests

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PostSubject: Side Quests   Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:04 pm

00 · TUTORIAL_04

「 quest · B A S I C S

Throughout the game, players may earn bits through optional side quests. Each floor has a different set of side quests that may be available, and side quests are divided into two categories: permanent and limited edition side quests. Permanent side quests may be completed whenever the player chooses to - but only once - and will always be available at any given time. On the other hand, limited edition side quests come and go, becoming accessible during a specific time duration; they are often more difficult than permanent side quests and have a greater award for completing. Side quests may be completed however, though some will have specific requirements such as "must have ranger around".

In order to begin a side quest, you must make the quest with the side quest title in the topic name. Upon completion, report to a game administrator for your reward.

Please note that users may come up with their own side quests at any time (just post it in the bulletin board as a new topic!), and a game administrator will decide how much the quest will be awarded. Limited edition side quests posted in this topic may or may not pertain to the story or reveal extra material, but again, they are optional.

Players will not get a reward for the side-quest if it is not completed or if they attempt to complete the side-quest in a very rushed manner for the sake of earning bits. Quests need a week-long cooldown after completion before another is started.

If you have more than one character, note that the reward will go down by 50% after the first completion with a character of choice. For instance, quest_001 has a 30 bit reward; your first character to complete it will get the 30 bits, but if you choose to do the quest again with a second character, you will only earn 15 bits.

「 quest · P E R M A N E N T

▸ quest_001 asks that the player goes to capture at least 15 betaflies in Maeko Foerst for the man standing by the floral shop in Roslare; he's willing to give up to 30 bits if completed. Most people stay away from the quest as something bad seems to happen if you catch too many betaflies...
▸ quest_002 requests for assistance at the pub. The player must be willing to play waiter or waitress during the pub's rush hour, working to fulfill the customers' requests. Depending on the player's performance, they may earn from 10 bits to 50 bits.
▸ quest_003 pleads the player to go find a missing child who had wandered into Dead Man's Hill. The child may be injured, so it is recommended that a cleric comes along. Be wary not to go at night as monsters are much more active and powerful then. The reward is 50 bits.
▸ quest_004 asks that the player snatch a beautiful and prismatic gemstone within the depths of Yseult Ruins. As simple as the task seems, it is guarded by several traps and undead soldiers that are rather difficult to defeat. The quest recommends the player bring along a mage as melee attacks aren't the most effective, but it is not necessary. The gemstone fetches a handsome price of 50 bits.
▸ quest_005 requires the player to protect a researching NPC while they do some investigations at Dragon Falls regarding a meteor that had fallen from the sky recently for a few hours. The NPC is very clumsy and has a poor sense of direction, so making sure they don't wander off a cliff is a good idea. Upon completion, the player will earn 50 bits.

「 quest · L I M I T E D

▸ There are no limited edition side quests currently available. Please check again later!

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Keeper of the Akashic Records

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PostSubject: Re: Side Quests   Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:27 pm

If you would like to make your own side quest, please use the code/format below and post it in a new topic under the bulletin board.

[font=Consolas][center]Task: task description here
Game Location: where does the quest take place?
Availability: how many people can clear it before it becomes unavailable?[/center][/font]

Generally, user-created side quests will be done in parties and the rewards for them will depend on the number of participating roleplayers and how many pages it takes before the topic is completed. This may change at game administrator discretion or be decided that a flat (rather than a scaling) reward will be used instead.

For reference, it will most likely be…
2 roleplayers - 50 bits
3 roleplayers - 33 bits
4 roleplayers - 25 bits
5 roleplayers - 15 bits
6 roleplayers - 10 bits
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Side Quests
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