Project Aubade
Welcome to Project Aubade! Drop by this topic if you are thinking about joining! Thank you!

Deep within a lab in Iceland, a new virtual reality project has been launched. The participants, however, were kidnapped. Welcome to the world of Project Aubade.
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June 22, 2048
Agents arrived in █████, Iceland, in a remote bunker south of the village. The suspect in question █████ ███████ was discovered in his office and shot to death upon pulling a knife from his belt. Kidnapped subjects were found in the lowest part of the bunker, unconscious and changed down. Some were malnourished, others showed signs of longtime idleness. All were freed-- all were alive. Some suspected victims of these kidnappings were not located. 29 total laboratory assistants and workers involved with ██████ were apprehended. No known fatalities were recorded other than Mister ███████.